Insurance isn't most owners favorite thing to talk about, in fact most dislike it very much. Of course, when the owner has a claim to take care of,  the insurance consultant is his favorite person to chat with. But, what can be very frustrating as an owner is if you purchased your insurance policy solely based on price and you are not properly covered. Nothing is more frustrating than paying out of pocket for a claim. With a lot of millennials wanting to be entrepreneurs, it's a cause for concern because a large amount of them tend to think nothing negative will happen to their business, so they are not covered properly.

Proper coverage is more expensive for a reason. We've all heard the term "you get what you pay for", and this couldn't be more true with insurance coverage. Having the proper coverage will be a more expensive premium per year, but your odds of being covered after a loss are much greater. You may be under the impression that all you need is basic insurance coverage to meet the requirements that are needed to run your business, therefore cutting costs, and this may seem like a good idea until you have a big claim that needs to be handled. It is so important to have the right limits on your insurance policy. Time and time again people will call us after they've suffered a loss asking to add coverage to take care of the loss, and unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Be prepared and make sure your agent has the knowledge to get your business covered properly.

Time is money. We understand that you would like to spend as little time as possible discussing and purchasing insurance. We also understand what it takes to run fitness facilities and ice/inline arenas, and how to make sure they are properly insured. Don't waste your time looking around trying to save a couple hundred bucks when you are unsure of what coverage you need. Reach out to someone who is well versed when it comes to insuring these types of facilities. You'll be happy you did.

Often times reduction of quality comes with inexpensive coverage. Focusing only on price of insurance is not a good start to running a successful business. It seems that the clients we do have that focus on price are the ones that struggle to stay afloat, because they are so worried about price and not quality. Just as you want quality insurance at an affordable rate, we want clients who understand and appreciate being properly covered. You may never need to use your insurance for a major loss, but wouldn't you rather gamble on business decision risks that you have control over instead of gambling on bad insurance coverage for losses you have no control over? We know you're smart enough to make the right insurance decisions, contact Fitness Insurance for a complimentary consultation.