Fitness Insurance is first and foremost focused on client coverage, care and satisfaction. Our team of experts have invested energy into building a product that will protect what matters most to you and your community. The program itself began in 1982 - in an era of black iron gyms and Joe Gold. We are immensely proud of our history; however, it's time for an evolution within Fitness Insurance.

We are excited to say goodbye to a website that has supported us since 1982 and hello to a revamped, robust page that will support you and your growing business. The new site provides additional resources that will match our superior levels of service and ease of doing business. To follow this improvement, we've created a new logo that represents our strong foundation and unequaled resiliency.

Fitness Insurance understands that strength is built and maintained within. Our diligent efforts to provide our clients with the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price will continue to be our main focus. We will simply look better doing it.

We thank you for your continued partnership with Fitness Insurance.

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