Christie has been with Fitness Insurance for 15 years.  Prior to that, she served in the Marine Corps for 12 years as an Aviation Operations Specialist. 

FI:  How long have you been in insurance? 

CK:  15 Years

FI:  What is your favorite part about helping our clients?

CK:  The clients are the best part of my job!  I get to play a small part in helping them have peace of mind about their business.  The amazing relationships I have built with my clients have turned even the most pressing tasks into fun challenges.  I love taking care of their needs ensuring they can trust that their insurance will be completed in an accurate and professional manner. 

FI:  What was the last picture you took on your phone (G-rated please!)

CK:  Motorcycle Picture attached (Yes, that's Christie!!!) 

FI:  What is your favorite work out? 

CK: Running

FI: What is your favorite cheat meal/treat? 

CK:  Every day is a cheat meal!  Ha!  Pasta with half marinara and half alfredo followed by a lemon dessert of any kind.