We will work directly with you and your team to determine threats that may harm your business, inside and outside of your operations. Although many business owners understand basic risks, they may miss exposures that could end up being tragic if not addressed. 


Our loss control experts will work with you to reduce exposures to loss. Risk is part of doing business, but if not managed correctly it may put you out of business. It can also put your employees in harms way. Beyond the physical exposures to loss, we address your financial liabilities and work with you to protect both.


We are insurance brokers, but understand that insurance is not always the answer. Your need for insurance may greatly be reduced if the risk has been properly identified and managed. We will walk you through our risk management process to help you understand your exposures, and then we will help place the proper insurance. Specializing in fitness facilities, ice/inline arenas, and tennis clubs allows us to access top tier carriers and programs that will offer you the right coverage at the right price.